about me

Career:college student (Computer Science)
Hobby:PC, classical music like Shostakovich, Shogi
Love Shostakovich for:6 years. I discovered him at the day before his 100th anniversary.
Favorite works:Symphony No. 4, The Bolt, et al.
Favorite works (except for DSCH):Recently I like Glazunov's symphony. I'd like to listen to it on holiday morning.
Favorite composers:Russian Composers such as Tchaikovsky, Glazunov and Kalinnikov
Favorite conductor:The recording of Mravinsky or Kondrashin is always agreeable. I like Järvi and Rozhdestvensky, too. Also Russians.
Message:In Japan, except for a case we're allowed by copyright holder, Copyright Law prohibits us from publishing CDs, musicsheets and MIDIs on websites for 50 years from the death of Composer. Shostakovich died in 1975 and we will be able to publish them in 2025. I can't wait, so I started to think another way and found film exception. Unable to trace people who joined in making film thoroughly, the copyright of film ends in 50 years later from the film's release year. (not mentioned about someone's death) And two thirds of films which music is composed by Shostakovich was released more than 50 years ago, so I decided to introduce it on my page.
By the way, the "shostakovi.ch" domain is mine. It's my favorite and I'll keep it forever.
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