Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich
Famous. The author is Kudo Yosuke. This site has many contents, such as the world's largest discography, detailed review, introduction of Shostakovich, commentary of works, detailed explanation of film music and so on. The must site for Shostakovich lovers.
Antiformalistic Shostakovich Institute
Shostakovich Kenkyukai")

The author is Furutako. His review is so fun! (Japanese) He's an amateur percussionist and puts emphasis upon snare drums and timpani. Because I read it, I came to put emphasis upon them. Accurate snare is so cool, don't you think?
Orchestra "Do Svidanya" This orchestra mainly plays Shostakovich. A concert is held once a year in Tokyo. I've lived in Nagoya by 2009, but now in Tokyo and I'm being a regular customer.

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Website name : "SHOSTAKOVI.CH - The Page of Shostakovich"
Owner : Tokai
An example of introductionMany Shostakovich's film is published to introduce his music. There're more than 20 valuable Soviet films.

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